About Let’s Keep it Simple

Welcome to Let’s Keep it Simple – A blog dedicated to making Jailbreaking, Unlocking, Theming and Modding your iPhone, iPod or iPad as simple as possible.

About Scott Herder

I’d jump over the Taj Mahal to make it simple for you!

After awhile I would email the videos to my friends so they could jailbreak their phones while I was out and about travelling. I decided to make videos and the blog as a part of a school assignment and to help me get an internship at NBC and teach myself how to write, shoot, edit, do voice overs and be on camera. It’s been a fun and great project that I absolutely love doing and that I have been teaching myself as I am going.

Before this blog I had no experience with WordPress, Websites, SEO, HTML, Design, PhotoShop or really anything that you see on this site to be honest. I just love learning about it and my one goal is to keep it simple for you!

It has been a lot of fun to make this site and the video’s. I hope I have made it simple for you and would absolutely love your feedback on my site, posts and videos.

I am always looking for all the support I can get so if you like this page, like it on facebook, share it with your friends who may like the site and if you have your own website, PLEASE consider linking it back to www.LetsKIS.com! I would love that.