Accent for the iPad is a beautiful theme for the iPad 3, iPad Mini and iPad 2

Scott Herder 2013/03/10 0
Accent for the iPad is a beautiful theme for the iPad 3, iPad Mini and iPad 2
  • Is it a complete theme?
  • Is it a good price?
  • Good support/add-ons?
  • Overall simplicity.

Accent for iPad Theme Review

Theming your iDevice is one of my favorite things about jailbreaking. It adds a beautiful accent to your iPhone or iPad that differentiates it from other peoples iPhones and iPads.

Accent is a beautiful theme that adds a beautifully simplistic accent marks to your iDevice. Accent for iPad will skin most of your icons and allow you not to use their icons if you like apple‘s stock icons or prefer another. What makes accent an amazing theme is splash of color added to your iDevice. The standard color is the beautiful starburst orange that you see in the featured image above. However it comes in a variety of other beautiful colors such as white, blue, pink, green, and purple. So whichever is your favorite color, you can use that.

I’ve created a simple promo video of Accent for iPad that you can check out below.

Accent is brought to you by, @16Maarten, @Subywrex and ported to the iPad by @_LiQuid_. Check them out on twitter.

Unfortunately the iPad only has the orange color for now, however in future updates the theme will be available in all the other colors as shown in the screenshot below.

Accent for iPad


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