This new app allows you to download photos directly from Facebook to your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad.

Scott Herder 2011/05/13 0


FB Photo Download

A new app called Facebook Photo Download does just that for your iPhone. The app allows you to download photos from facebook with your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. You can find it in the App store by typing, FB photo download.

The app is pretty self explanatory, but we’ll show you how it works.

First open the app and login to Facebook.

Once your there select the roll that you either want to download the photos from or the entire photo roll.

To download the entire roll press save photos as shown in the photo above.

It will then save the photos in the saved photos section of your device.

If you want to save just a specific photo, then press the saved photos button and you’ll see your saved rolls show up like shown above.

Again you have the option to export all the photos like shown above. Or you can click on an individual photo like shown below.

Once you press export, it will save the photos to your photo app.

Well that’s all there is too it. The app is normally $1.99 but if you buy it right now it will be on sale for $.99 for an introductory price. If you don’t want to pay, you can just take a screen shot of the photo while on facebook, or just email the photos to yourself ahead of time with dropbox or via email.

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