Apple’s iPhone 6 Will Look Like This?

Scott Herder 2013/03/22 0
Apple’s iPhone 6 Will Look Like This?
Apple recieve’s no shortage of coverage from news networks, bloggers, designers, and developers just to name a few. They have such a cult following that people often make assumptions (sometimes crazy ones) about what next iDevices will look like. Especially the iPhone.

iPhone 6 Concept designed by Arthur Reis.

But this is perhaps one of the best iPhone 6 concepts i’ve seen. Granted most sources seem to indicate that the next gen iPhone will be dubbed 5S, (although I personally don’t think so) this one is the iPhone 6 and looks pretty sweet if you ask me.

The significant changes made to this are that it is thinner and the home button is much bigger. Apple has hinted at removing the home button since that was always one of Jobs’ ambitions, but the way it is designed does seem a bit impractical.

The best part about this concept is not just that it is well designed and looks very real, but it is the response Reis has gotten since it’s been posted  on youtube.

Check out these peoples comments in the screenshot below.Apple iPhone 6 concept getting intense comments


My personal favorite is youtube user leebog31 who said,

“I’m done with apple. They bring you the minimal upgrades for every phone they bring out. I got a 4s now and I think this is the last. Tired of there bullshit.”

Since the video is not uploaded by Apple, it is insane to think that this is real, but that doesn’t stop people from believing it is, and hating on Apple for what seems to be their own lack of judgement.

But check out the video that is fooling so many people here.

Here are some amazingly vivid concept images by Reis.

iPhone 6 Concept iPhone 6 Concept iPhone 6 Concept iPhone 6 Concept iPhone 6 Concept iPhone 6 Concept