AppleTV goes on sale possible update ahead?

Scott Herder 2011/11/15 0
Apple products rarely ever go on sale. That’s why ears are up on the news that Apple has dropped the price of the AppleTV by 10$. That’s 10% off on device.

Not only has Amazon dropped the price of the AppleTV, but they’ve also renamed it the 2010 model. Indicating that an update may be in the future. Amazon typically only labels the products they sell by the year when they are about to be updated with a newer more current model. Although this doesn’t mean anything because even the slightest cough of anything Apple sets off all kinds of rumors.

Although a new AppleTV has been rumoured for quite some time I personally don’t think that the AppleTV is getting revamped just yet. I do believe it will get an update in the future, but I also believe it will be a serious overhaul of the product and for that reason I am not convinced that the aTV is getting an upgrade until 2012. You can buy the Apple TV MC572LL/A (2010) from amazon. For just $89.

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