Ayecon Theme for the iPhone 5 – Themed Thursdays

Scott Herder 2013/02/14 1
Ayecon is this weeks featured theme, not because it’s brand new. Instead because I have never seen it before and it’s compatible with iOS 6.1.

The thing that is so great about Apple‘s theme is it’s ease of use and how beautiful it is in the first place. Ayecon – [pronounced icon] keeps that in mind in it’s design.  Surenix, the designer behind Evasi0n and Evad3rs, put just as much attention to detail into every pixel as Apple’s designers, and even more. Check out the complete gallery and demo video after the break.

Apple has done an amazing job with their iOS’s look and feel and that’s where ayecon based itself from. Still keeping somewhat of the iOS look and feel but this time, adding more details that you thought never existed, brighter colours, crisp textures—everything.

~ Surenix

The details in every app are absolutely mind blowing. Let alone each and every app is still instantly recognizable as for what it’s meant to be used for. Which might be the most difficult thing to get used to when switching to a new theme. With Ayecon there is no hurdle of learning which icon is which.

“ayecon is gonna be the new benchmark for iOS theming!”

~iOS developer Chris Simpson (apocolipse)

Ayecon has the ability to be an alternative theme to Apple’s default theme it’s that impressive.

Simply put, it’s fucking awesome


ayecon comes preloaded with:

  • System wide user interface
  • Lock Screen design
  • Auto-app mask for App Store apps
  • Auto-app mask small Preference App Store apps
  • 150+ masked/customized Cydia app icons
  • Phone (dial pad) skin for iOS 5 & iOS 6
  • iPod (music player) skin for iOS 5 & iOS 6
  • Switcher iPod buttons
  • Folders, Notification Center and Siri (system wide) background
  • Status bar icons
  • SMS/chatkit skin
  • PSD file (to create your own icons using ayecon’s style)
  • SBSettings theme
  • Compatible with Auxo
  • Compatible with IntelliScreenX
  • Compatible with Switchy
  • and much, much more!

I could talk about this Ayecon theme for days without doing it justice, save yourself some time and check out the gallery above, or the video below.