Check out these bluetooth keyboards for your iPad 2.

Scott Herder 2011/04/17 1
Bloggers, writers,  and note takers have been at a disadvantage with their iPads since the keyboard isn’t always the most convenient thing to use. Surprisingly the iPhone and iPod’s touch-screen is easier to type with. However that is all changing as blue-tooth keyboards are adding much needed help to typing, and making your iPad one step closer to a full-blown laptop.

We’re going to examine 3 different blue-tooth keyboards.

Let’s start with the iPad 2 built in wireless Bluetooth keyboard leather protective case. This is a nice option if you’re looking for protection as well. This case and keyboard comes in a variety of colors, white, black red, and even pink.  The nice thing about these is that it holds the keyboard upright while you type. The negative is that it will only hold the iPad in landscape mode. Priced at just $58 this case is a nice option for taking notes.

Check em out here.

All iPad keyboards are smaller. This is because the iPad is not as wide as a standard keyboard. So it may be a little bit difficult for some of us to type.

This brings me to Apple’s solution. It may not be there actual solution but if you own a newer model iMac that comes with the Bluetooth keyboard, you can pair them up and it will work beautifully. If you already have the case of your dreams, and don’t want to switch, than this is a great option. The Bluetooth keyboard is only $69 from the Apple store and it is easily the best keyboard out there on the market.

Check it out here

If you don’t have a cover and want to use the Bluetooth keyboard, Apple has an iPad holder as well. Check that out here.

Lastly let’s take a look at ZAGG’s solution. They won many awards for the ZAGG/mate last year which is a sleek, beautiful protective case and a built-in Bluetooth keyboard that can hold your iPad in both landscape and portrait mode. This year their back at it, teaming up with Logitech to make the new ZAGGmate for the iPad 2.

Check out more details here.

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