Comparing the ‘iPhone 5′ vs. the iPhone 4S Front Panels [Video]

Scott Herder 2012/08/03 0

iPhone 5 Front Panel

ETradeSupply has posted a six minute video going over the front panel of both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, comparing their shapes and sizes. Based on the video below and the photo above it would appear that rumors about Apple converting to a 4 inch screen are true. What do you think about that?

iPhone 5 Front Panel Specs:

It’s not for sure the final design but all the rumors and hoopla covering the iPhone 5 it seems pretty accurate. They found that the next gen iPhone’s new front glass face is 90.25mm long, 51.60mm wide, compared to the iPhone 4S  which front glass is just 76.65mm and 51.60mm. Making the front display come in at 4.065 inches as compared to 3.61 for the current iPhone.

The new front glass will also be .1mm thinner and have a few redesigns. Such as a smaller camera hole and a new location. Which previously mentioned is rumored to be to have a better location for FaceTime chats. In addition, the light sensor has moved to the left of the earpiece and is much smaller.

iPhone 5 Front Panel changes

Lastly, its a far cry from eliminating it all together like the late Steve Jobs would like, but they have made the home button .3mm smaller in this display.

Again who knows if this is going to be for sure the next front panel or not. But it does seem pretty realistic and I am betting that this is what we will be seeing.

Check out the video. ***SPoiler Alert*** The guy is wearing condom fingers on all 10 digits for fear of impregnating the panel. Oh and the video is pretty boring the pictures get right to the point.

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