Direct Closer Pro allows you to close your apps instantly.

Scott Herder 2011/08/25 0
The iPhone, iPod and iPad are all about speed. Hot, dirty, nasty speed! But one thing that slows down your iDevice is running multiple apps in the background.

Direct closer allows you to close your apps instantly when you double tap the home button. It will immediately display a red x on the top left of the icon. No need to hold down the icon until it wiggles.

By default the apps won’t wiggle. But don’t worry, there’s a setting to change that as well.

I love this tweak as it makes the iOS system simpler and more efficient. The tweak works on the iPhone, iPod and iPad perfectly. However iOS 5 is rolling out in just a few weeks and who knows if it will come with this feature. If you can’t wait until then the tweak is available in the BigBoss Repo for just $1.

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