Downgrading From Mountain Lion to Lion? Possible Workarounds.

Scott Herder 2012/08/15 0
Downgrading from mountainlion to lion

This morning It was brought to my attention that it is currently not possible to downgrade from Mountain Lion to Lion. Although I not the most computer savvy of them all Im always interested in learning about new things when it comes to my Mac.

Therefor when I was told I couldn’t downgrade from Mountain Lion to Lion I wanted to research other possible ways. I thought I’d share with you my findings so far and see if it helps anyone or gets some help from others. Solutions after the break.

So at first glance I found that Apple had indeed pulled the Lion app from the Mac App Store. Which isn’t too much of a surprise condidering they are making OSX more and more like iOS with each update and as everyone knows Apple will no longer allow you to restore to a previous iOS firmware.

Although the reasons for that seem to be significantly different as with iOS Apple is trying to prevent the jailbreaking and unlocking of iDevices and specifically of iPhone’s.

After checking the web I found Apple’s solution.  A $69 USB stick with Lion installed on it! Well that is a huge sticker price for a 4GB USB Stick. Considering Lion was a download that cost just $29 initially. That would mean that USB stick cost $10 a GB of Apple’s data which is downright absurd.

I had stumbled amongst lots of complaints around this. This is especially frustrating to those people who paid $29 to upgrade to Lion and then again to upgrade to Mountain Lion.

Apple is now asking users to pay an additional $69 to downgrade to an OS that they already purchased, for twice as much.

Surfing the web it appears that there is a rather simple workaround to this problem.

Mac-Rumors posted this article from Mac-World explaining that they could re-download a purchased version of Lion by simply pressing the Option button when clicking on the Purchased tab.

Downgrading from Mountain Lion to Lion

So I opened up the Mac App Store on my New MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion and go to my purchase tab without clicking Option.  Lo and behold Lion was actually there. No need to click option for me.

Downgrading From Mountain Lion to Lion

Didn’t need to Option Click Purchases

I think to myself, wow this was easier than I could have imagined, why so much fuss. Then I clicked Download. It appears that the folks at Mac-Rumors or Mac-World did not click Download.

If they had they would have encountered this error as shown in the picture below.

Downrading From MountainLion to Lion

Won’t allow me to download the file.

Annoyed I figured that perhaps if I restarted my computer and did the fancy schmancy trick of holding Command + R on reboot it might give me the option to choose install from Lion. Not a chance.

Downgrading From MountainLion to Lion

When I click Reinstall OS X and continue I only see options for MountainLion (10.8)

Then did some digging on Apple’s support site and found that in order to do that neat little trick I would need a specific computer. Check out what computers you need at Apple’s Support pages. The below links will allow you to verify what options are available to you such as if your computer will allow you to do over the air downgrades to Lion or not.

Well I don’t have those models so I wondered what options I would have.

The only workable options I can currently see, please keep in mind my knowledge is limited, is either to fork over the cash to re-buy the software you already own, or to download it from a friend, or some torrent site such as The Pirate Bay and burn it do a disc. Then reboot from that.

Which seems pretty freaking stupid if you ask me. What do you think? Let me know if you have found any simple, ethical work arounds to downgrade from Mountain Lion to Lion.

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