Excellent iPad 2 cases for business use.

Scott Herder 2011/04/17 0
Thinking of bringing your iPad 2 into a board meeting to make an impression. You may want to dress that iPad up to impress. A bad looking, flmsy, artsy or out there cover might ruin the image your going for,. Luckily we did some research and we came across a few covers that will transform your iPad into your best friend in the boardroom.

First up for you leather lovers is the Proporta Aluminum Lined Leather Case. This beautiful iPad case will
give your iPad a business portfolio look. So when you do bust it out, no one will see it coming. It’s made with high-quality leather and is just as attractive as the iPad 2 is.

For more details check em out here.

Up next is the Targus Hughes Leather Portfolio Slipcase for the iPad, and iPad 2.

We love this case because of the way it looks. Its not your typical portfolio looking case, it has a nice slip case which you can conveniently just slide the iPad in and out of. It has a magnetic strip which holds the case closed and your iPad snugly inside of it. It’s lined with a soft twill fabric to be nice to your ipad’s screen. (Although we still and always recommend a screen protector.) This bad boy comes in two colors , brown and black.

For more info click here.

Lastly were going to go to Belkin. Who has an array of amazing iPad cases that look professional. There are a few great options but we will talk about the Verve Folio by Belkin. This sexy sleek black iPad case would be our choice if we were making an impression. This case is very minimal, which fits with our concept of simple, and has a grooves on the bottom flap which will keep your iPad upright in 4 different positions, giving you a nice range of motion for playing wth your ipad, typing, and watching shows. It’s the most expensive of Belkin’s line but its still only just $50.

Check out the Verve and belkin’s other iPad cases here.

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