Flaticons for iOS is an Amazing Minimal Icon Set to theme your iPhone 5.

Scott Herder 2013/03/27 2
Flaticons for iOS is an Amazing Minimal Icon Set to theme your iPhone 5.
If you are a fan of Minimalism, and Theming than this just might be your meal ticket. After having the highest upvote on reddit in r/iOSthemes to date, Steve Garwood has released FlatIcons. A clean and minimal icon theme for the iOS device that is optimized for the retina display.

Theming is a huge category in Cydia, the app store for jailbroken iOS devices. While themes are a great alternative to the stock and boring iOS system, the challenge is keeping it simple enough to where users don’t have to learn a whole system to use their apps. For example, I try tons of themes, and if I can’t seem to recognize the icon I am looking for than I tend to feel that the theme is too distracting. This may be one reason why Apple hasn’t changed any icons to their iOS system since its debut with the original iPhone.

FlatIcons is one of the few themes that don’t take away from the user experience while giving you an alternative look and feel to your iOS device. Best of all, it comes with two different icon styles. Both minimal flat icons of course, but you can choose between rounded icons, or square icons. Personally, while I like the default rounded option, I much prefer the square option as it seems to really tie the theme together. If you couple this with springtomize and gridlock, the beautiful possibilities are endless. I have currently been unable to download the theme due to issues with it in Cydia right now to give it a full demo or configure a layout for myself but check out the screenshots below for a comparison between the rounded and squared icons.

rlvy0RPFlaticons theme for iPhone 5 round version








Flaticons theme for iPhone 5 square versionFlaticons theme for iPhone 5 square version

You can purchase FlatIcons in the Macciti repository for just $.99, which is pretty crazy thinking you’ll get two different icon options. The great thing about this is that the author seems to really be dedicated to creating more icons, as there are over 250 and counting, if you purchase the theme and request an icon Steve will even make one for you.

Check out all the icons that are currently themed for FlatIcons.

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  • gWHARL

    what’s your wallpaper name (the grey one), and which tweak did u use to get the “home” and “folder” lines? Thx!

    • Letskeepitsimple

      I’m not entirely sure those are just screenshots from the creator’s theme. I’d ask them on twitter or checkout the blog. @flaticons and http://www.flaticonsios.com/wallpapers/