How to bypass iTunes error 1600, 1601, 1602, 1603, and 1604 (Mac and Windows)

Scott Herder 2011/05/11 16

Here is a simple trick you can use to Bypass that dreaded iTunes error 1600 on your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad. This will work with any 16xx error, such as error 1601, 1602, 1603 and 1604. For those of you who want to know why your encountering this error, its because the device wasn’t properly put in DFU mode when attempting to have iTunes restore the custom ipsw with the device.

For Mac users we are going to use redsn0w to fix this problem and enter our device into a pwned DFU mode that will work when we restore our custom ipsw with iTunes.

For windows users use iH8Sn0w’s iReb RC4. It is very simple to use and will work like a charm for all 16xx errors. However you can use Redsn0w as well and a link to download it is below.

But iReb doesn’t currently work for Mac. But luckily we can fix this iTunes error with Redsn0w anyway and it just takes a minute.

First open up Redsn0w, and select your stock ipsw. NOT the custom ipsw made with Pwnage Tool, Redsn0w won’t recognize it.

Download Redsn0w for Mac

Download Redsn0w for Win

Once you’ve done that press Next and it will process the ipsw. Again press next until you get to the screen below. Instead of clicking install Cydia, press Just boot into tethered DFU mode right now.

(****NOTE**** If your Jailbreaking your device on 4.3.2, 4.2.8 or below, you can just check install Cydia now and jailbreak it at this point right now without having to use your custom ipsw fyi. But that isn’t always the case.)

Then turn off your device and press next…

Then follow the prompt to put your device into DFU mode.

It will say finished and then your good to open up iTunes and restore your iDevice with your custom ipsw.

And voila that’s all there is too it. To see a short video of how to do this check it out below.

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  • awaketolife

    Thanks for the great article. I keep getting the dreaded 1601 Error Message on Mac. I download Redsn0w and ran the program. When I do a search for ipsw or *.ipsw, Finder comes back with nothing. If I search in a new Finder window outside of running redsn0w it still can’t find anything. Am I looking in the wrong place or do I have bigger problems?

    • Scott Herder

      It sounds like you are downloading the files in iTunes. iTunes hides the ipsw files on your Mac or PC so you can’t use them. You have two options, to either re-download the ipsw file from an outside site. has an iOS download section in the navigation. We should have them all.

      Or you can simply browse your folder library, Since you have a Mac there are two ways. Newer Macs, go to Go > Go to folder > copy and paste ~/Library/iTunes/ and you should see things that say ipod software update, iphone software update, ipad software update etc… and then just drag it from there onto your desktop. and retry the steps

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  • jayman16

    Wow. This was so helpful. I’ve been dealing with trying to upgrade firmware/downgrade baseband for the last 3 hours and I kept getting stuck with the 1600 error in iTunes. I thought I was done. But your info on the pwned DFU did the trick, thanks a lot.

  • shi

    I Did This And I Still Get The Error Someone Please HELP!!!!

  • dioon

    I‘ve an iphone 2g and the custom firmware 3.1.3 …. Which version of redsn0w should i need?

    Sorry for my bad english…(^_^)

  • dioon

    i allready downloaded redsn0w 0.9.3 and 0.8 but i need the automatik pwned option!!!!

    pls help

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  • juliet

    Hey,, i’m stuck in step 1!!! I open redsn0w, custom ipsw, but the ‘next’ button won’t activate, even tough the ipsw is recognized by redsn0w… HELP!!!

  • streakin

    still shows 1601

    • Letskeepitsimple

      most of the times this is because dfu mode wasn’t entered right. Try using redsn0w to entere pwned dfu mode. than repeat. If that doesn’t work, let me know what firmware your running and what iOS device you have and Ill try to see if I can help you!

      • BOBlongSHLONG

        ipod 4th generation pwned dfu mode with redsn0w gave me error 1601 =_=

        • Letskeepitsimple

          ok so i did some research, unfortunately I can’t verify what i found since I am not able to get this error anymore. but it appears that you only need to be in pwned dfu mode if you are restoring to a custom firmware. if not just enter plain old fashioned dfu mode and try a restore. If you have blocked apple’s servers at any time, you may want to try this on a fresh computer.

  • Madeline Tanderre

    This seemed to fix my error 1600 problem pretty quick…