How to change your ROOT password on your iDevice using Mobile Terminal [Written Guide]

Scott Herder 2011/03/24 2
One of the first and most important things you need to do each and everytime you jailbreak an iDevice is change your root password! By default, every single time you jailbreak your device it goes to alpine. With that information and your serial number someone could easily hack into your device and get some info from you.

Luckily this is extremely easy to do and just takes about 20 seconds.

Here are the steps to change your root password.

Step #1) Install MobileTerminal

Open Cydia and go to search on the bottom right, type MobileTerminal. Download the one that looks like this MobileTerminal(NEW)

Step #2) Log in to your iDevice.

To do this we type the command, su root.

Step #3) – enter you password

By default your password is alpine, so type alpine


Step #4) – Enter the command to change your password

To do this, type: passwd. (No o, or r.)


Step #5) – Enter a new password

Step #6) – Confirm your new password

Step #7) – You are done! Good job.

Click here for a video of how to change your root password on your iDevice.

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