How to make a cover for your iPad, iPad 2 or any other tablet device for under 10$

Scott Herder 2011/05/04 0
If you have been reading my blog, I have been on a quest for the perfect iPad case. However I haven’t found the perfect thing. I have done quite a few reviews and am leaning towards the Zaggmate case for iPad 2 or the Carbon Cover by iON-Factory.

But the options are a bit pricy and I’m just not convinced or still unsure of what to do. However I do plan on re-selling this bad boy in the future, maybe when the iPad 4 comes out, so I need to protect this iPad and keep it in mint condition.

With my current indecision, I decided I needed to make a temporary case for my iPad. It needed to be soft, and cheap and since I only had 45 minutes to make it before I left for my airport it had to be quick and easy.

So this blog post is going to show you how to make an iPad 2 cover for under 10$ with stuff you most likely have laying around at home. This guide can be used for your iPad, iPad 2, any Android tablet and your kindle if you want. It’s basically the same idea. I’m just using an iPad.

What you’ll need.

A table mat. You probrably have these at home. Get one that’s soft on the inside so it won’t scratch your device. If you don’t have any that you want at home, make a quick trip to the store, Target, Ralphs, Albertsons, anywhere… They cost a dollar or two.

Tape – You will need a thick tape. Not quite as thick as duck tape, but definitely not scotch tape. I had blue masking tape, and black athletic tape from sports chalet. I paid 4.99 for that black athletic tape. It works great and it comes in any color you want. So it’s a nice color to accesorize your iPad case.

Scissors – I imagine you have some of these lying around.

Velcro – You will need this to keep the flap closed. You can also get this just about anywhere and it is very inexpensive.

Well that’s all you’ll need to get started. Check out this video to get started!

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