How To Change the Location of Your Photos on Instagram’s new Photo Maps Update

Scott Herder 2012/08/18 6
Change the Location of Your Photos Change the Location of Your Photos

Over the weekend Instagram had a major upgrade bringing a brand new feature called Photo Maps. Photo Maps is an addition that gives you the ability to put the location of your photos on a map for other instagrammers to see where the photo was taken, and just give you a fun way to document your travels. The upgrade is courtesy of Foursquare, the popular geotagging app that allows you to share with your social networks where you are and become the “mayor” of certain locations if you’ve been there enough. Foursquare got a lot of flack a couple years ago because the app would notify people when you were on vacation, basically advertising for people when to rob your home.

Instagram’s photo maps may have stirred up the controversy for new iPhone users but luckily their is a simple way to disable photo maps for your photos that you’ve taken at a friends house or even your house that you can walk through the very first time you use the photo maps feature. But what if you want to add photos that you have taken from the past and use that location? Instagram doesn’t give you that option because you need to be within a reasonable proximity to that location. However with this free and simple tip I will show you how you can change your location for the sole purpose of adding your old photos to your instagram photo maps in a few simple steps.

1st: Download Location Spoofer

Download and launch the free app location spoofer from Cydia.

Change the Location of Your PhotosChange the Location of Your Photos

2: Go to Preferences and Change Location

Change the Location of Your Photos

On the bottom right tap the mispelled “prefrences” button and then tap on Fake Location Settings.

Change the Location of Your Photos

3rd: Change the location by tapping and holding the radius button in the middle of the world. Drag it to the location you want to spoof. In this instance the photo was taken in Jaipur, India.

Change the Location of Your Photos

Navigate to the city and country in which your photo was taken. You can even google the address for precise location and enter it by tapping the blue button on the right of the location. (Wish I had done this)

4th: Open up Instagram and click spoof once.

Change the Location of Your Photos

You may need to close instagram and reboot your iPhone, but the next time you open up your instagram app the above dialogue should pop up. Here you have the options to always spoof this app, which is probrably not what you want, use the true location once or always true location. In this instance we want to use Spoof Once. As I may want to use my true location in the near future.

*NOTE* If the above prompt doesn’t appear when you close the Instagram app, reboot and relaunch instagram, You can also open the locatoin spoofer app, tap always spoof and make sure to check the foursquare and instagram apps as the photo maps featured is powered by foursquare! You can also create settings to never spoof applicatoins as indicated by the photo on the far right.

Change the Location of Your PhotosChange the Location of Your PhotosChange the Location of Your Photos

5th: Now upload your photo like normal


6th: Click add to Photo Map

Change the Location of Your Photos

7th: Search for the location you want to insert

Change the Location of Your PhotosChange the Location of Your Photos

With the location spoofed it will try to find nearby areas, however if you don’t see it still you can start typing in the location you want.

***NOTE*** This won’t work without location spoof, as you can see I am putting in huntington beach, my true location at the time and it couldn’t find anything because I was thousands of miles away from India.

Change the Location of Your Photos20120818-161404.jpg

8th: Apply your filters and tags and whatnot and then publish.

Change the Location of Your Photos

Now your photos will be added to the Photo Map on your instagram account. With these simple steps you can edit the wherabouts of your photos to either add old photos to your photo map, or change the location of your photos taken at yoru house so no one knows where you truly live. However it would just be a bit wiser to not allow geotagging on those photos.

You will of course need a jailbroken iDevice in order to get Location Spoofer on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. You can get information on  how to jailbreak your iDevice here.

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