How to Install and Setup Peekly Lockscreen Theme for your iPhone. [Update]

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How to Install and Setup Peekly Lockscreen Theme for your iPhone. [Update]

Peekly iOS Lockscreen

Since the advent of the iPhone nothing has seen less change than the lockscreen. Getting only one minor update in its entirety, which was the camera grabber allowing you to swipe it up to reveal the camera app. Peekly is a Lockscreen tweak/theme that aims to bring a bit more functionality to the stock iOS Lockscreen.

Basically Peekly is a 2 page lockscreen theme for the iOS.

Check out the Demo and a how to setup in the video below

Peekly has been updated with these new features.

Update v1.1

  • added option for 24 hour clock
  • added 2 new clocks, Analog and Words
  • removed the year from the calendar
  • added option to change date format to Day/Date/Month
  • added option to increase number of Tweets/RSS items to display

Info from the Developer -


Download and unzip the theme. SSH into your phone, and copy ‘peekly.theme’ into /Library/Themes/. Enable with Winterboard. The initial release of Peekly is an open beta of sorts, as I want to make sure everything is working as intended and it looks good across devices. It will be on a repo soon…

How to Setup Peekly


Download Peekly from here.


Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 6.24.28 AM


SSH into your iDevice using iExplorer(Windows or Mac) or you can also use iFile (on your iPhone) and navigate peekly to your theme folder. This is var/stash/themes.
Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 6.24.55 AM

Make sure you see it inside the folder and that’s it. You now have it installed. The video above will explain how to configure the settings.

To change the clock, weather and “peek” settings, open ‘settings.js’ from the peekly theme and follow the instructions. You will have to respring your phone for the changes to take effect.

To change the wallpapers, navigate to the images folder in the Peekly theme and replace bg.jpg and bg2.jpg with your own.


You might want to install ’20 second lockscreen’ from Cydia to stop the display from going to sleep so quickly.

If you have any questions/comments, leave them below.

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You can download peekly here. 

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  • Omar

    it’s not working ;\ .. it’s show the original lockscreen

    • Letskeepitsimple

      hmm. That suggest to me you didn’t enable it via winterboard or installed it in the incorrect place. You want it in your themes folder. Which you can find by sshing into your iDevice and navigating to var/stash/themes as shown above.

  • mst0ffl

    I have the original clock on top of the new lock screen clock. Any ideas? *iphone 5*

    • A


      • Letskeepitsimple

        download the free cydia tweak, lockscreen clock hide.