i0n1c Tweets Image of Jailbroken iPad 3 on IOS 5.1.1 [Photo]

Scott Herder 2012/05/07 0
The jailbreak community all knows that Pod2G has been working away diligently on an untethered Jailbreak for the new iPad 3 and has found 5-6 different possible exploits but still thinks it might be a month away before a public release.

However iOS developer/Hacker Stefan Esser, known as ion1c tweeted a picture of his iPad 3 Jailbroken. Check it out below.


Apparently i0n1c has received a lot of backlash from his followers demanding he release the Jailbreak. Saying they follow him for the JB and made him famous etc… and demanding a Jailbreak.

No news is known as to whether it is also a tethered, untethered jailbreak. Also no news is known as to whether the updated iOS 5.1.1 has fixed any holes in Pod2G’s work.

Let us know if you think i0n1c should release his Jailbreak? Why or why not?

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