iPhone 5 Theme Review of Laguna HD 2 [VIDEO]

Scott Herder 2013/02/28 1
iPhone 5 Theme Review of Laguna HD 2 [VIDEO]
  • Icons + Notifications Center
  • Compatibility with Tweaks I've Tested
  • Skinned Apps/Settings
Jailbreaking the iPhone 5 has brought on a onslaught of tweaks and themes for your beloved iDevice. With the tons of new tweaks and themes for you to sift through, check out and purchase it’s a bit difficult to figure out which ones you should get for yourself. So every thursday we will be reviewing themes for you to see. It will include an overall description of the theme, mention of what tweaks were used in the demonstration and its compatability with them and see how far the theme really goes.

So here we present Laguna HD 2, a beautiful theme for the iPhone 5 that icons will quite literally blow your mind. They are packed with detail and really take advantage of the retina display on the iPhone 5. Honestly when it comes to theming, icons don’t get much better than this. If you like being able to instantly recognize your icons, than this theme is an awesome choice because the icons are still instantly recognizable.

In the video the tweaks that I tested out and that worked perfectly were, Springtomize 2, Iconoclasm, Dashboard X,  Auxo, Active Dock and LivelyIcons. If you are unfamiliar with those tweaks, I have a video demonstration of each one that is underlined. Click on them to check it out.

Where this theme is lacking is in it’s skins. To me this is a huge issue. Theme’s now a days are fairly expensive, and that’s not really a problem, but when you compare them to other benchmark themes that other developers such as Surenix, iHaz3, or Schnedi make; Such as Ayecon, LeviathanHaz3 or Andro HD, you really see the level of detail that goes into not only the stock icons, but widgets, themed ncsettings, skinned settings, loading, all stock apps are completely skinned and there’s other add-ons like color-keyboard, sbsettings and ipod player that really bring the theme together seamlessly. All just for $2.99.

Overall though I definitely love this theme. The icons are very impressive, I just wish there were some skinned settings or something!

Check out the video demo here.

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