iPhone 5 Nano Sim Tray Photos

Scott Herder 2012/08/09 0

iPhone 5 Nano Sim Tray


iPhone 5 Speculations are running rampant as release dates for the iPhone 5 are rumored to announced September 12th. It appears that the blog Noowhereelse again has the scoop on some specs on the new iPhone. This time they have a picture showing the parts, including the new iPhone 5 Nano Sim Tray.

On the two photographs, we were surprised to see the famous drawer Smart Card SIM-Nano that we were the very first to reveal before yesterday and that would be manufactured by the company whose web address leads to a strange homepage “Lion Server” …

The only thing missing in this photo is the actual display. But based on the fact that just yesterday NoWhereElse releaseda picture of the new MagSafe 9 pin connector port to charge the next gen iPhone. perhaps tomorrow we will see a LCD screen.

Moving to a more humorous note now. Above I mentioned the blog NoWhereElse as being credited with the photo. Well that is only because I have no idea what the chinese script is and or what that watermark says over the entire middle of the photo. You notice on the left panel is the “NoWhereElse” logo. I have to point out to you how easy it would have been to replace it with a black square. It’s that simple. In fact just for fun I re-did one of their two photos. See if you notice any of the changes.

The whole point to applying a watermark is to for brand recognition and I find it remarkably funny that they decided to slap their logo on over a photo that clearly originated from iColoros.

iPhone 5 nano Sim tray

NoWhereElse but Lets Keep it Simple

Alright I apologize for getting way off subject their I just found it funny

NoWhereElse (iClarified) [via MacRumors]