iPhone 4S and iPad 2 get jailbroken on iOS 5.

Scott Herder 2011/10/29 0
It’s been just a couple weeks since the iPhone 4S came out and already it has been jailbroken on iOS 5, along with the iPad 2. Although the work is in the beginning stages it is still something that is generating alot of excitement in the jailbreak community. I for one am especially excited to see what the creative jailbreakers can do with Siri.

iPhone hacker MuscleNerd revealed via twitter that they have cracked the iPhone 4S. He shared some screenshots of the jailbroken iPhone 4S. The jailbreak is still on its preliminary stage and it still can’t be released yet due to bugs in the jailbreak.

iPhone 4S Jailbroken

If that wasn’t enough MuscleNerd took it upon himself to demo the Jailbreak on the iPad 2, which is also very exciting because the iPad 2 has been out for months and has only seen one proper jailbreak by @Comex and he’s been recruited by Apple.

You can check out the video by MuscleNerd below,

The video shows him using PhotoBooth so you know it’s an iPad 2, as well as newsstand to confirm its on iOS 5. There is no update on the ETA so don’t bug him/the Dev Team about an update. Just be patient, and stay foolish. Consider following me on Twitter and liking my Facebook page. Just met up with my family here in Thailand, have just 10 more days until I am back at home! Pretty exciting and sad.