Kickstart Your Day With Elphi

Scott Herder 2012/06/05 0

A new kickstarter project aims at giving you the ability to control your electronic devices from anywhere in the world. Elphi is an adapter that you plug into your outlet and connects over your home wifi connection which gives you the power to monitor your electrical devices, keep them from running up your bill, starting a fire, or making sure that cup of coffee is ready in the morning by setting timers. To see it in action check out the video after the jump.

Elphi currently has 141 backers with a total donation amount of over $15,000, however they need $90,000 to make their dream of getting this from a hobby into reality and only have 23 days left to get there. If you like this idea give them a dollar or ten here.

The Elphi smart plug is compatible with iPhones running iOS 5.1 and will be compatible with Android shortly.
• iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S running iOS 5.1
• Android devices running 2.3 and higher
• WiFi type 802.11b (also works with b/g/n networks)
• Standard 3 pronged U.S. plug (safely powers anything you plug into your wall socket- up to 15amps, or ~1875 watts)

Elphi Features
Our goal is to transform the devices you use into a seamless, virtual extension of yourself, and we are building the tools to make this a reality.  Currently with the Elphi system, you can:
• Monitor loved ones (elderly or latchkey kids) by looking at the power use patterns on their devices.
• Instantly turn on and off any device from anywhere via smartphone – from your couch or from across the world
• Use the button as a manual override if a smart phone is not present
• Set timers just like you set your alarm clock on your phone – set your coffee machine to turn on every morning
• Location awareness – your phone can notify you or control devices based on your location (i.e. curling iron turns off when you leave the house)
• Measure the power usage of any device, and monitor it over time
• Plug two Elphi plugs into a single outlet with our space efficient design!
• Update Elphi plug firmware from your phone
• Synchronize state changes across multiple users’ phones
• Automatically turns off if device plugged into Elphi plug is drawing too much power

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