Maximization Tweak Gets Rid of Status Bar In Apps

Scott Herder 2012/08/01 1
Maximization Demo

Ever get annoyed by that few millimeters that gets wasted by the status bar on your iPhone while running an application? Well you’re not alone. Rud0lf Lichtner, the German developer behind the Maximization tweak, apparently does too. The difference. He had the technical skills to do something to you.

Introduce Maximization.

What is it?

A  free Cydia tweak that aims at eliminating the wasted space by the stock iOS.

Why should I get it?

If you want that extra real estate on your iDevice than this tweak is perfect for you. Did I mention it’s free!

How do I use it?

You can configure it in your settings app. Settings>Maximization.

Still not sold on this free Cydia tweak?

Check out this video Demo of Maximization.

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