5 Most essential Cydia tweaks for any jailbroken iPod, iPhone or iPad.

Scott Herder 2011/04/25 2
5 Most essential Cydia tweaks for any jailbroken iPod, iPhone or iPad.

The 5 most essential Cydia tweaks for anyone who’s jailbroken their iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad.

The moment when you first jailbreak your iPod touch, your iPhone or your iPad is a nervously exciting moment. You think, am I going to break it, will it crash, and after awhile you may think, well now what the heck do I do? What’s this Cydia?

For now, just think of Cydia as another app store. It has apps, tweaks, themes, and more. And whether your a noob to the jailbreaking scene or been around the block for awhile here is what I believe are the fundamentals of jailbreaking, the “essentials” if you will, that every jailbroken iDevice should have. I even believe that most of these tweaks should be (and may be) implemented into Apple‘s iOS, however have yet to make it.

So until then, this at least will show you what tweaks you should get, how to get them, and why I call them the “essentials.” Best of all, they’re free.

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Tweak #1

First let’s start with SBsettings.

It stands for SpringBoard settings, and for those of you who don’t know, your springboard is what your looking at when you see your icons, and wall paper, and dock. You’ll see that word a lot with a jailbroken device.

This convenient little tweak will allow you to control many of your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad settings right from your screen. Just simply swipe to the right on your status bar (where your time is) and a drop down menu will come down. You will now see an array of settings controlling things from your 3G network, airplane mode, bluetooth, screen brightness, data control, processes (these allow you to turn off apps that are running in the background) wifi. You can also turn off your device, respring it, and it provides a cheatsheet for yoru ip address,how much storage you have left and available memory.

Green indicates that the setting is turned on, red means off. So to turn off a setting simply tap it, within moments the icon will flicker to red, and you will see the change.

The icons for brightness and processes are black, to use these, simply tap on them and another menu will come up.

For brightness simply slide the bar to the left or right to make it dim, or to brighten the display.

For processes, tap it, and then a nother menu will pop, allowing you to choose which apps to kill. Simply tap on the red circle with a white minus to the left of the app, and press delete.

You can also search through cydia for more SBsettings, or press the small more icon on the bottom left of SBsettings to find more settings, or to even get themes to change how SBsettings looks.

To find SBsettings in Cydia, open Cydia, then on the bottom right press search, and Type : SBsettings


Tweak #2


This bad boy is my absolute favorite. I use it all the time and if anything from the Jailbreaking community makes it to iOS 5 this should be it!

Activator allows you to make gesture and hardware controls to activate applications on your device. You can assign any gesture, make a pinch with your fingers, a swipe from the top of the screen, or any number of gestures to open up your favorite apps. This is extremely useful and makes multi-tasking even better.

Let’s say  you love taking photos, have multiple photo apps like hipstamatic, 8mm, instagram and flickr. Well you can assign different gestures to open them up without having to exit the application and then find those applications. This allows you to take a photo in hipstamatic one second, then just a quick left swipe, or pinch on the screen opens up flickr or facebook, then you upload the photo, and another swipe takes you to the regular camera app, for a normal photo.

The beauty of this tweak is the high level of customization. You can set activations to be active anywhere on your phone, or only when your in lockscreen,or only when your at your homescreen, or only when your in another application. This gives you the user infinite control over how you interact with your device.

Like SBsettings you can get more actions in Cydia. One of our favorite is SpringFlash, (only available on iPhone 4, and iPod touch 4G since they are the only ones that have flash) we’ve assigned a double-tap of the power button to turn on the flashlight which is nice when the power goes out, or your looking for something you dropped in your car.


Tweak #3


Tweak #3) Winterboard – Open Cydia, press search, Type: Winterboard


Winterboard is nice application that will allow you to fully customize your device. With this you can change your lockscreen to an android lockscreen, you can make your carrier say your name, make the service bars show you different colors, have your favorite sports team as a theme for your wallpaper, change your icons, the layout, enable folders to have way more apps in them than Apple wants you to, customize your dock and the list goes on and on. The main idea with Winterboard is if you want to change the color of something on your device, or the way it looks, winterboard is how you will do it.


When you download Winterboard it won’t do anything except display a blue icon with a white snowflake on your device. It just stores customized tweaks and themes that you downloaded from Cydia inside of it. Think of Winterboard as a folder, holding all the themes, and tweaks that change the layout of your device inside of it. When you download a theme, it won’t show up on your device, but instead inside Winterboard. So you scroll on to Winterboard, (but of course you have Activator now so you just open it up with a gesture) search for the theme, mod, or tweak you downloaded press it, and respring your device. When your device restarts, that theme will be running!


Open winterboard.      Press Select Themes.  Check the themes you want.  Then respring.


There are thousands and thousands of themes inside Cydia, hunting for the one you love is half the fun. I’m using A iUnique HD theme, which changes my icons into nice little rectangular objects and changes many of my native applications. I love it. Let us know which one’s you love below.

Tweak #4

Springtomize – Open Cydia, press search, Type: Springtomize

Springtomize is a relatively new tweak for Cydia, it gives so much ability to customize your device that it is remarkable. With Springtomize you can easily customize the size, number and transparency of your icons. Allowing you to make them see through, fit 10 on a page, make them big or small and everything in between. It also allows you to change the amount of icons in your dock, anywhere from 1-10.

Springtomize has been updated to Springtomize 2.0 -

Video demo here

You can customize your Lockscreen display, your status bar’s display, how many icons are in your folders, if it should have labels. You can switch your dock with your own custom dock, or just make it transparent. You can also change the color of the flash when you take a screen shot, and give your device animations when you press the power button. It even gives you the ability to make all your animations run in slow motion, but we don’t understand that one since we don’t like it when things run slow!

Springtomize is one loaded application, I haven’t tried everything on it yet, there is simply no end to the level of customization that it has, so let me know what your favorite function of it is below! With winterboard and springtomize, you can really get a unique look to your device, if someone else picks your your device by accident, as soon as the try to use it, they will know it’s not theirs anymore.

Here’s a few examples of what you can do.

Animations.                                           Icons.                                                        Respring to see changes.



Tweak #5

Tweak #5) Cydelete – Open Cydia, press search, Type: Cydelete

This tweak is by far the least eye-dropping. But then again this whole blog wasn’t dedicated to the most amazing tweaks in Cydia, but the “essentials.”

So why is Cydelete essential? Because without it you can’t delete Cydia applications from your springboard. If you downloaded an application from Cydia that doesn’t work or that you don’t like you won’t be able to delete it like you would other apps. Instead you’d have to go into Cydia, find the package, and manually remove it.

But Cydelete fixes that. It allows you to delete Cydia applications just like any other app you downloaded from the App store, and for that. I believe it is an essential tweak that you need!


On the left of the photo below you can see that Winterboard cannot be deleted, But on the right, I can delete Bta Font, a custom font app from cydia.

Check out the video below to see them all in action.

If you want to see my video of my top 5 essential cydia tweaks check em out below.


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