RetinaHaz3 HD Theme For iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Scott Herder 2012/07/20 1


Welcome to this weeks edition of Themed Thursday. Sorry for the delay but without further adieu I present to you, RetinaHaz3. A new theme developed by iHaz3 and iBitGirl. These two are at it again with most likely the best theme they have developed to date.

My favorite features of this theme are:

  • Lockscreen Slideshow
  • Beautifully skinned icons
    • Especially the text, cydia and music icons.
  • Text bubbles
  • Icon Dock when coverflow effect is enabled
  • Removable weather widget.
This theme comes fully loaded and you can check out my video demo of RetinaHaz3 on Youtube.
There are a lot of customizable options which I will explain how to enable on the following Pages, as well as a gallery of screenshots of the theme from the developers.
RetinaHaz3 Gallery.
RetinaHaz3 ColorKeyboard and Zeppelin:
RetinaHaz3 Weather Widget Info:
RetinaHaz3 Wallpaper Transition Info:

RetinaHaz3 ColorKeyboard and Zeppelin:

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