RetinaHaz3 HD Theme For iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Scott Herder 2012/07/20 1

RetinaHaz3 Weather widget Info:

For the location it shows you first need to go to Yahoo weather online:

  1. Type in the zip code for the area you want.
  2. Then click extended forecast.
  3. After it loads look for the the following in the URL —> “USCA0714″. Copy that code
  4. Navigate to Library/themes/BladeHaz3 weather and tap on the wallpaper.HTML file  in iFile
  5. Open file in text editor
  6. Scroll down just a little bit until to see  var locale = “USCA0714″ //e.g. ‘North Attleboro, Massachusetts’|'Moscow, Russia’|'Ledyard, AT’|'London, UK’  And put in your location code.
  7. Make sure you save and then respring

RetinaHaz3 Wallpaper Transition Info:

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