RetinaHaz3 HD Theme For iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Scott Herder 2012/07/20 1

RetinaHaz3 Wallpaper Transition Info:

Note: If you experiencing an icon thats is not themed, try to change the Lowercase to Uppercase or visa versa in RetinaHaz3-HD XL.theme/bundles/your icon bundle . Cause of the many iDevices its compatible with this is the only issue there might is.

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The slideshow in the picture widget (WallTransition) can be changed of course to your likings, included is the PSD from the original images, all you need to to is add the pictures you want to see on your iDevice.  RetinaHaz3-HD will be updated in the near futures on iOS update and UI updates, the ones that purchased the theme will get a download update in Cydia.  iHaz3 is doing his best to cover all devices as possible, if you having troubles with the theme please send an email to and you will be answered within 48 hours. Or Tweet iHaz3 most of the cases he will answers faster on twitter.

To modify the Wallpaper Transition info:

  1. Save the 4 files you would like to your camera roll. (If your new to this I recommend making sure the photos are the last photos in your camera roll, or the first. To make them the last ones easily just go to them and take a screenshot!)
    •  Or if your more advanced just make sure you know where the 4 images are in iFile.
  2. Navigate to Var/Stash/Themes.IfMOju/RH-HD aLockSlide.theme/images
  3. Tap edit
  4. Check all images
  5. Tap the trash can and delete all images
  6. Navigate to your photos either in iFile or in your camera roll. (You will now see why it’s important to have them be your last images if you have hundreds of photos)
    • you will find your camera roll in Var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE/ (they will all be titled img_0001.jpg etc….
  7. Scroll down to the last 4 images you wanted
  8. Tap edit
  9. Check all 4 photos
  10. Tap the clipboard icon and press copy —> Bottom Right
  11. Now navigate back to Var/Stash/Themes.IfMOju/RH-HD aLockSlide.theme/images and paste the images there
  12. rename files to 1.jpg     2.jpg       3.jpg      4.jpg
    • Rename them in the order you want them to animate, 1 will go first 2 second and so on…
  13. Save and respring


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