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Is AT&T Telling Employees to Drive Customers Away From the iPhone?

Scott Herder August 1, 2012 0

After both Apple and AT&T announced their quarterly earnings AT&T announced that they only had a 3% increase in iPhone activations last quarter. Investors speculated that was because of all the iPhone 5 Rumors

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Weekend Recap of Tweaks, Themes and Random Things.

Scott Herder June 9, 2012 0

Hey it’s saturday and thought we’d recap some of the things we covered this week in case you missed it. This week we demoed a cydia tweak, a theme by iHaz3, found out another

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Virgin Mobile is The Best Way to Save Money on A new iPhone! [Infographic]

Scott Herder June 8, 2012 1

Starting June 29th Virgin Mobile will be only the second U.S. Carrier to offer the iPhone on a prepaid monthly plan. Just recently Cricket announced that they would sell the iPhone on with a

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How To Unlock Your iPhone on AT&T [Written Guide]

How To Unlock Your iPhone on AT&T [Written Guide]

Scott Herder April 9, 2012 0

Ever since the initial days there has been a cat-and-mouse game between Apple and iPhone users of having the ability to unlock their beloved phones to switch service providers. It’s such a big deal

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AT&T Announces They Will Begin Unlocking iPhones Easter Sunday!

Scott Herder April 6, 2012 0

It appears that AT&T will begin unlocking iPhone’s on Easter Sunday. Unlocking an iPhone grants the owner the ability to make calls on any GSM network worldwide. Which is freaking awesome by the way.

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Steps to Unlock your iPhone 4S on AT&T [VIDEO DEMO]

Scott Herder November 17, 2011 0

Want a unlocked iPhone 4S. I’m sure you do. Well apparently this guide gives you the steps to unlock your iPhone 4S on AT&T to be used with T-Mobile. [UPDATE] Trick has been confirmed

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Will AT&T be selling the White iPhone 4S?

Scott Herder September 18, 2011 0

Apparently AT&T’s internal networking system is indicating that it will have the iPhone 4S when the iPhone 5 is set to launch according to Engadget. A helpful tipster sent us this tasty morsel, from

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Verizon CFO says next gen iPhone will release on AT&T & Verizon simultaneously.

Scott Herder May 19, 2011 0

Verizon CFO Fran Shammo is “happy” with iPhone 4 sales during the past 6 months and will continue to sell them. (Umm, duh right?) Shammo talked today at the Reuters Global Technolgy Summit about

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How to jailbreak both Verizon and AT&T iPhones running iOS 4.2.8 or 4.3.3

Scott Herder May 10, 2011 1

Alright so there is a new Jailbreak in town. Well it’s not new, but I am juggling 3 jobs and getting ready to graduate and planning a trip to Thailand so it is new

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iPhone 5 won’t come this summer because of LTE.

Scott Herder March 29, 2011 0

Apple is hosting WWDC in San Francisco from the 6th-10th of June saying, “At this year’s conference we are going to unveil the future of iOS and Mac OS,” said Apple exec Phil Schiller.

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