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How to Install and Setup Peekly Lockscreen Theme for your iPhone. [Update]

How to Install and Setup Peekly Lockscreen Theme for your iPhone. [Update]

Scott Herder March 11, 2013 5

Peekly iOS Lockscreen Since the advent of the iPhone nothing has seen less change than the lockscreen. Getting only one minor update in its entirety, which was the camera grabber allowing you to swipe it

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How to jailbreak all I devices on iOS 6.1 and 6.0 [video]

Scott Herder February 4, 2013 2

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How to Setup XBMC on MAC OSX  Mountain Lion to Play Movies on your XBMC (VIDEO)

How to Setup XBMC on MAC OSX Mountain Lion to Play Movies on your XBMC (VIDEO)

Scott Herder December 29, 2012 0

Since Mountain Lion came out for the mac XBMC users have had a difficult time sharing movies and whatnot from their computer to their AppleTV using the old method that worked so well. Well

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How to make a macro lens for your iPhone, iPod or smartphone for 1$

Scott Herder December 28, 2012 0

Make your own macro lens for 1$ following this simple tutorial

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How to Make an iPhone Holder/Charging Dock with household items.

Scott Herder December 22, 2012 0

Hey guys its been awhile! Been working on teaching myself After Effects for the last few months and am ready to start making videos again to test the new skills. Video after the break

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How To Change the Location of Your Photos on Instagram’s new Photo Maps Update

Scott Herder August 18, 2012 6

Over the weekend Instagram had a major upgrade bringing a brand new feature called Photo Maps. Photo Maps is an addition that gives you the ability to put the location of your photos on

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How to Fix Unskinned icons in Your Jailbroken Theme. [VIDEO]

Scott Herder July 27, 2012 0

Theming is definitely one of the major draws to jailbreaking your iDevice. Sometimes it can be annoying paying money for a theme only to see some icons themed and some not. Well there is

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How to Edit or Add Your Own Custom Icon on Your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Scott Herder July 24, 2012 2

Having the ability to add your own custom icon to your iDevice is undoubtably one of the major reasons people decide to jailbreak their iPhone, iPod or iPad in the first place. People have

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How to Downgrade iPad Baseband 6.15.00 to 5.15.04 [VIDEO]

Scott Herder July 8, 2012 0

Unlockers wanting to Downgrade iPad Baseband 6.15.00 to unlockable basebands can now rejoice as the process has been made simpler than ever and actually works all the time. So I have made a video

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How to Charge iPhone Wirelessly [VIDEO]

Scott Herder July 6, 2012 0

The folks at Apple have wanted to know how to charge an iPhone Wirelessly for awhile now. Since its inception Steve Jobs has had the goal of removing all wires. Finally it appears that

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