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iPhone 5 Nano Sim Tray Photos

Scott Herder August 9, 2012 0

  iPhone 5 Speculations are running rampant as release dates for the iPhone 5 are rumored to announced September 12th. It appears that the blog Noowhereelse again has the scoop on some specs on

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Comparing the ‘iPhone 5′ vs. the iPhone 4S Front Panels [Video]

Scott Herder August 3, 2012 0

ETradeSupply has posted a six minute video going over the front panel of both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, comparing their shapes and sizes. Based on the video below and the photo above

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iPhone 5 To Be Announced September 12th?

Scott Herder July 30, 2012 0

Rumor has it Apple will unveil the iPhone 5 at an event that will take place wednesday, September 12th

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Leaked White iPhone Parts

Scott Herder July 16, 2012 1

According to Apple.Pro the image you see here is a Leaked White iPhone Parts showing off the white front panel

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iPhone 5 Rumor:Engineering Samples Leaked?

Scott Herder July 11, 2012 2

Gottabemobile has posted these photos online as ‘engineering samples’ of the iPhone 5. Rumor’s have been circulating around for awhile now but appears the latest iPhone 5 Rumor is about this final design. These

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Leaked Photos of The iPhone 5 [4 Photos]

Scott Herder June 13, 2012 1

Recently we posted about one of the most amazing iPhone mockups we’ve ever seen. Well here are some leaked photos of the iPhone

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Weekend Recap of Tweaks, Themes and Random Things.

Scott Herder June 9, 2012 0

Hey it’s saturday and thought we’d recap some of the things we covered this week in case you missed it. This week we demoed a cydia tweak, a theme by iHaz3, found out another

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Next Gen iPhone 5 Renderings Based on Leaked Parts [Images] [Video]

Scott Herder June 8, 2012 2

Blackpool Creative’s Bryce Haymond  created some amazing 3D renderings of the ‘iPhone 5′ based on the leaked parts and schematics. More pics and video after the break

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Is This the New iPhone 5′s Front Glass? [Pic + Video]

Scott Herder May 31, 2012 0

+ Rumors and speculation seem to be coming in left and right as Apple gets ready to gear up for its annual WWDC event. This time its another shot of  the new design for

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More Leaked Photo’s About the Next Generation iPhone. [1 Picture]

Scott Herder May 30, 2012 0

The CydiaBlog apparently just got a leaked image of the new iPhone’s schematics. Sounds fancy huh, well it looks fancy too. The leaked image is consistent with what was posted yesterday about the design

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