Themed Thursdays: Demo of iHaz3′s Newest Cydia Theme BladeHaz3

Scott Herder 2012/06/07 1

Welcome to the first post Themed Thursdays where every thursday we will post pics, discuss, and even have a video demo of a Cydia theme. This weeks featured Theme is BladeHaz3 by iHaz3 and is available for the iPhone or iPad in the MacCiti Repo. You will of course need a jailbroken iDevice which you can do by following the tutorial on Jailbreak your iPhone 4[S] on iOS 5.1.1(MAC) [Written Tutorial]” href=””>how to jailbreak your iDevice on iOS 5.1.1 here. Check out more info of BladeHaz3 after the jump.Like most of iHaz3 theme’s BladeHaz3 comes fully loaded with tons of different options to customize your iDevice.

Next to the fact that it is truly a gorgeous theme, it has so many options to customize.

Different colors for icon glow
Weather widget
Wallpaper transition*
Tweetbot skin
Tap to unlock*
Custom lock screen
SbSettings theme
iconControl (Special BladeHaz3 Tweak for All iDevices)

And so on…*

You will need a little bit of technical knowledge to change a few things but i’ll explain that later. Besides all the options, it is also compatible with a lot of other Cydia tweaks IE Springtomize, Zepplin, Gridlock, Iconoclasm and IntelliscreenX / Lockinfo and probably more, but those are some of the ones I use and am very happy that they are compatible with. Because all though iconControl brings some great features, it stiill doesn’t do everything I would want that Springtomize and other tweaks add.

Anyhow, lets take a look at the theme. Check out the gallery below. You can click on an image to get a full preview.

Blade-Haz3 -1Blade-Haz3 -2Blade-Haz3 -3Blade-Haz3 -4Blade-Haz3 -6Blade-Haz3 -7


As you can see the theme pretty much gives you the ability to customize every feature, what you cant see is it even customizes the noises when you take a screen shot, get a text, receive mail, and even while you type. The noises go pretty well with the themes, although to be honest I have my phone on silent 99% of the time.

Now there are a couple things you may have to do in order to modify the theme. For example if you want the theme to override your SBSettings to be themed you’ll have to follow the steps on the next page. Or if you just want to see my thoughts on the them you can skip to the last page.

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