This app will change your Black Friday, forever!

Scott Herder 2010/11/18 0
Black Friday is right around the corner. Most people have been collecting news paper articles and surfing the web to get a glimpse of what stores will have the best deals on Black Friday. Well if you have an iPhone you’ll be a step ahead of everyone else with the app called, “TGI Black Friday.”
This app will let you know all the sales going on at all the major stores without sorting through advertisement s and clippings from the newspaper looking for deals, when they will be alerted to you whever you are, when things go on sale, when they’ll be on sale, how much they are and even directions from where you are, all at the touch of your fingers.
Holy cow this is great for the people who are going to be up all day shopping until they drop, they can facetime their kids and show them the products, get live alerts on where and what is on sale, get directions, even fly there! Well not quite but you get the point, this app is quite handy for those trying to get their Christmas shopping done quick, because as we all know, holiday shopping on Black Friday is pretty competitive.

Advantage iPhone users. Be safe using this app, as it can cause serious euphoria and distractions while driving.