Top 10 Best Cydia Tweaks for iPhone 5 – March 2013

Scott Herder 2013/03/05 0
Top 10 Best Cydia Tweaks for iPhone 5 – March 2013

Best Cydia Tweaks so far in 2013.

Wonder what the Best Cydia Tweaks are? I typically do a Cydia Tweak of the week however this week I felt the urge to compile a list of my favorite Cydia tweaks that are compatible with the iPhone 5. These will not be covering some of the most common tweaks like Springtomize 2 and SBSettings because those are covered in my top 5 Essential Cydia Tweaks for every iDevice. Rather this post expands on those 5 Cydia tweaks and will give you a run down of my favorite 10, beyond the essential must have Cydia tweaks for the iPhone 5. If you are new to jailbreaking, you’ll want to check out this video, it’s a bit older, but they are all compatible with all iDevices, including the new iPhone 5, the iPad 3, and iPad mini.

Switch between the tabs below to see which tweaks I rank as the top 10. This is in no particular order.

Best Cydia Tweak #1

Top Cydia tweak #1 f.luxF.lux Price – Free Description – F.lux automatically updates your iDevice to give you the best display possible. Each evening at sunset, f.lux warms up the colors on your phone to daylight colors.

Best Cydia Tweak #2

Best Cydia Tweak LowPowerBannerLowPowerBanner
Price – Free

LowPowerBanner is a Cydia Tweak that gives you total control over your Low Power notifications. It completely replaces the default popup notification by Apple. Check out more information on LowPowerBanner here.

Best Cydia Tweak #3

Best Cydia Tweak StrideStride Price – $2.99 Stride is probably the best and most fun option to setting a password for your lockscreen. Stride adds a layer of protection to your iDevice by giving you the ability to draw a password on your lockscreen to get to your home page. Not only that but it also allows you to keep your pin entry as well. This is one of the more fun Cydia Tweaks of 2013.

Best Cydia Tweak #4

20130305-080831.jpgDashboard X

Price – $1.99

Dashboard X is a magnificent update to the amazing Cydia tweak Dashboard. It brings the ability to take your favorite widgets made for Notification Center and put them any where on your iPhone. New to Widgets? Check out my list of the Top 5 Cydia Widgets.

Best Cydia Tweak #5

20130305-080842.jpgBiteSMS Price

Free with Ads or $9.99

BiteSMS replaces the default SMS app with arguably the most sophisticated text messaging system there is. This tweak gives all your contacts photos. Comes loaded with Quick Reply which is hands down the most amazing feature to SMS. It also has Quick Compose, Scheduled Messages, Auto-Forward capabilities, Auto- Reply, Passcode Lock, privacy, Templates, Signatures and much much more. Free or Paid this is a must have!

Best Cydia Tweak # 6

Best Cydia Tweak AuxoAuxo Price – $1.99 Auxo is multitasking how it should be. With Auxo you can kill apps in one move, kill all apps instantly and you get nice previews of all your running apps. Comes with music player and toggles.

Best Cydia Tweak #7

Best Cydia Tweak Intelliscreen X

Intelliscreen X 6

Price – $9.99 with a free trial.

Intelliscreen X is a beast of a tweak. It’s the notification center how apple should have done it. Bringing email, Facebook, twitter and RSS to your lockscreen, even gives you shortcut to bitesms quickreply. Worth every penny.

Best Cydia Tweak #8

MultiIconMover Price – Free This tweak allows you to tap on as many apps as you want and move them to a different home screen. Again another thing that should be in stock iOS.

Best Cydia Tweak #9

Best Cydia Tweak 3G unrestrictor3G Unrestrictor

Price $3.99

One of my favorite tweaks of all time. 3G Unrestrictor tricks your iDevice into thinking its using wifi to allow you to download huge apps, facetime over 3G or any other network.

Best Cydia Tweak #10

Best Cydia Tweak Lively IconsLively icons


Lively icons is a really fun tweak that animates your icons anytime you launch them. Over 12 different settings for animations including my favorite random.

I am currently working on creating a Video Demo of the 10 Best Cydia Tweaks of 2013. The first 30 seconds are done and animated but I have a little ways to go. Should be up soon so check back here and I will update you when it’s ready via twitter or facebook.

 This is a list of what I think are the best Cydia Tweaks out there for the iPhone 5. If you think I missed something, let me know in the comments below. Would love your feedback. For more updates be sure to follow me on twitter or like my Facebook page.