Top 5 Cydia Widgets for Notification Center for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Scott Herder 2012/08/16 2

With the development of the Notification Center in iOS 5 many iPhone, iPod and iPad users gained a much needed feature to their iDevices. The notification center was a breath of fresh air that brought instant gratification in a minimalistic style to your iOS experience. Like most new developments in the iOS community, the jailbreak community will do their best to add on to the stock features given by the fruit company.

Which brings me to this post. There are over 120 add-ons just for notification center in cydia, not to mention one’s that aren’t filed in Cydia correctly. In order to keep it simple, I filtered through them all in an attempt to find my 5 favorite Cydia Tweaks specifically for the Notification Center. It became quite difficult as there are some great ones so I have broken it up into two different posts. Top 5 Cydia Tweaks for Notification Center and Top 5 Cydia Widgets for Notification Center.

The difference between tweaks and Widgets for the purpose of these two posts is simple.

Widgets- Adds a new field to Notification Center- IE a custom box with information inside of it that displays when Notification Center has been pulled down.

Tweaks – Customizes(tweaks) how we interact or the look of the Notification Center itself.

Top 5 Cydia Widgets for Notification Center

The rest of this post will deal specifically with the top 5 Cydia Widgets for Notification Center for the iPhone in no particular order.


Jukebox is one of my absolute favorite tweaks on my iPhone. With this widget installed you can access what songs are currently playing on your iPod music app.

The widget indicates which song is currently playing and if you tap on the song a drop down menu comes up giving you full iPod controls. The design and look of it perfectly complements the native look and feel of the notification center. Making it a perfect accessory for your Notification Center. In addition you have custom controls that allow you to have no widget information display if your iPod app is currently not playing any music.

Check out the screenshots below.

Top 5 Cydia Widgets for Notification Center - JukeBoxTop 5 Cydia Widgets for Notification Center - JukeBox














Jukebox is a premium tweak in Cydia created by Andrew Richardson. It costs $1.99 You can follow him on twitter .

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