Tweaked Out Tuesdays: Dater VS. Camstamp. Two Tweaks That Take Timestamps of Your Photos

Scott Herder 2012/06/19 0
Hey everyone its time for another Tweaked out Tuesday post, where every week I demo a Cydia Tweak for you to see if it’s worth buying. This week we have two tweaks going head to head. If you have ever wanted to add timestamps, (the ability for your phone to record the time and date you took a photo) than these two tweaks are for you. But which one should you pay for? Well I’ll break them both down and you can choose for yourself after the break!

Both tweaks come in at 99 cents and do practically the exact same thing. They place text indicating the date and time the photo was taken at the bottom of the screen. It’s the different options that make these two tweaks a little bit different and will make you want one or the other so lets start off with Dater.

Dater’s feature list comes with the ability to display timestamps globally, only in photos or camera app, and gives you a nifty little feature of autohide, which makes it so when you tap on a photo the timestamp goes away as well! In addition you get many colors to choose from for the background bar and the text color as well.

Tweaked Out Tuesdays: Demo of Dater

Tweaked Out Tuesdays: Demo of Dater



The thing that in my mind really makes this tweak stand out was the fact that you can enable a gesture to get information about the photo such as its file size, and lastly that when you enable this tweak it will go through all your photos and put timestamps on them all!

Camstamp’s feature list comes with the ability to only show camstamps on the duplicate HDR photo and to change the color and font of the text. In addition it allows you to only apply this tweak to photos you want to know about when your taking a photo. It adds an option for Embed Timestamp when your in your camera app.

Tweaked Out Tuesdays: Demo of Camstamp

Tweaked Out Tuesdays: Demo of Camstamp

Tweaked Out Tuesdays: Demo of Camstamp

Tweaked Out Tuesdays: Demo of Camstamp 2


I like the fact that you have more control on when this tweak is enabled and you get a few font options to choose from.

Ultimately the nod for me goes to Dater, as it has a bit more features and makes the timestamps available throughout my entire camera roll. You may not want that which would make camstamp a better option, however during the recording of the video and the time testing the app I noticed that it would crash 90% of the time I took a photo.

Click here to check a full video Demo of Dater.

Click here to check out a full video Demo of Camstamp.

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