Vegas Details

Scott Herder 2010/10/15 0
Yo guys, didn’t know everyones email so I thought this would be the easiest way to do this.

Vegas Options

1) Big ass suite at the Venetian – here there are two options – For exact details see picture Below.

The gist is – either a 700 or 1100 sqft suite for 488$ or 528$ respectively. To me if we went with this option the 528 would be a no brainer. 400 extra sqft for an additional 40$ is worth it.

CONS – 1 shower and only two beds

Total expected price to pay 528/6 = around 90$

2) Two Suites at Luxor – See photo below

The gist – two 780 sqft rooms at 269$ a piece givest us a whopping 1560 sqft at $538 – an extra 10 bucks- I believe we can ask for two rooms booked next to eachother and unlocked! we get 4 beds and two showers A bit nicer in my opinion.

Total expected price still around $90

3) Two rooms at luxor – See photo below -

The gist – two 449 sqft rooms for $161 a piece bringing the total to 232$ for two rooms. Again I believe we can get them joining – Still 4 beds, two showers.

Total expected price to pay = 232/6 = around 40$

Confer and get back to me, I’d like to get this booked asap!

Vegas, baby. Vegas!