Will Future iPhones Be Powered By Viruses?

Scott Herder 2012/05/15 0

Apparently the fine folks over at Berkeley have figured out how to generate power from human viruses. You know the type of viruses that live inside your body.

Scientists at Berkeley have engineered a harmless M13 virus which has successfully powered a small display screen. The virus’s activity apparently converts mechanical force into electricity which they’d theoretically like to implement in rechargable electronics like iPhone’s.

“In near future,  we believe that we can develop personal electric generators. Basically, all of our daily activity related to mechanical movement (or vibration): walking, jogging, typing, etc.,” Seung-Wuk Lee, a faculty scientist in Berkeley Lab’s Physical Biosciences Division, told ABC News. “For example, by installing our piezoelectric thin films on your shoes, we can convert our walking energy to electric energy. Therefore, with a phone in our pocket connected to our shoes, we can charge our phone.”

It essentially works by coating a an electrode with the virus and then tapping it, along with some sciencey mumbo-jumbo, which converts the force of the tap into an electric charge.

They don’t plan on stopping with iPhone’s. They believe that they can figure out a way to capture heart perspiration as an electric power source so they could eliminate the need to charge your pacemaker and things of that nature. Although I have no idea what heart-persperation is, this concept sounds pretty cool.

However Lee says they are still a ways out from making implementing this any time soon. They would need to enhance the power anywhere from 100-1000 times to get it to be a viable option.

What do you think, would you like your iPhone to be powered by Viruses?

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