XBMC sharing settings in system preferences on a MAC

Scott Herder 2011/03/08 4
This post is meant for one of my YouTube viewers and will be deleted shortly. If you are viewing this and wondering, wtf is this. We are working on trying to figure out an error when setting up XBMC with the AppleTV.

This photo displays the filesharing settings on my MAC. Notice all that is checked. I am not sure if this is the fix, but I wan’t to make sure we have all the exact same settings. Both in the sharing settings and the file sharing settings!


Filesharing settings in System Prefs

FileSharing options cont.


  • jonathan

    I am having a problem with the XBMC on the atv2… I followed your instructions on the youtube video but when I get click on “windows network (SMB)” I get this message : Error 2: share not available

    I have search for hours online for an answer but no success. It is so frustrating. Can you help ?

    • http://LetsKIS.com Let’s Keep it Simple

      I’m currently in Hawaii and don’t have access to my atv but I’ll be back in tomorrow and upgrade to 4.3.1 and see what I can find. And get back to you ASAP.

      • Jonathan

        Thanks so much ! Have a nice trip out there !

        • http://LetsKIS.com Let’s Keep it Simple

          Np and thanks. So just got around to the atv and bad news. It appears there are tons of issues with iOS 4.3 and xbmc. I can’t duplicate your issue but I also can’t get it to run any videos or files, except for music only data. I’ve read around in forums and the devs of xbmc are aware of the issues and workingnon them but so far it’s not compatible with the new iOS.
          So if you have ur shsh blobs saved I recommend downgrading to 4.2.1. It’s fully compatible and working.
          If not I’m sorry but ill keep an eye out in the forums and community to see when the bugs get worked out and have a post on my blog when those updates are fixed. If you don’t want to check the blog everyday we have a Facebook and twitter account to make it easier.

          Let me know if you need help downgrading, or have any other questions.